We are artesa

The international tech company that develops successful educational products in the European markets.

what we do

We produce high-quality essays and help students in unlocking time for something of greater significance.

We operate at

  DACH market
and we never cease to expand ;)
Artesa is not just a place to work in. Artesa is your partner in crime


Artesa was founded in 2020.
From that time we have already become the only profitable non-German company in our niche in the DACH market.
The initial investment in the company was 250 euros, but in 3 years we achieved a turnover of one million.

Our goal is to become the world's largest company working in the non-English language Essay niche.

Is it too ambitious? Maybe, but we dare to dream and dare to achieve!
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Here in Artesa, we defy the conventional notion of education's importance. We believe in liberating time from the uni clutches, and empowering those who seek more.

Join us on this transformative journey and embrace a future where time is reclaimed, and true potential is unleashed.

Discover our values

   Continuous improvement

Artesa is a perfect match for those who want to:

  Achieve more
  Make a real impact
  Feel the difference

Our team

Consists of enthusiastic and talented professionals around the globe united by the desire to go above and beyond and implement their ideas.

For all our people, we provide the freedom to act, opportunities to grow, a friendly environment, and recognition.

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